Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Update: Diving - Matthew Mitcham

Oh geez, is there anything that openly gay Australian and gold-medalist diver Matthew Mitcham can't do? He recorded this in his room in the Athlete's Village in London.

Olympic Update: Water Polo - Adam Wright

As Team USA rests up until tomorrow, here's another HCB member of the USA Men's Water Polo team, Adam Wright (b. 1977).

Adam and Chay Lapin

Olympic Update: Water Polo - USA vs. Serbia

Serbia 11

Our first loss... sigh...

 The luxurious blond fur of Chay Lapin

Ryan Bailey fist pumps after a goal

Peter Hudnut

Brits in the stands

Chay cheering

Coach Terry Schneider

Time out

The massive pecs of Tim Hutten

Goal tender Merrill Moses getting concerned

Team USA

Another time out

 Merrill Moses post-game

Celeb Sunday: Steve Carlson

American actor (mostly TV) Steve Carlson (b. 1943) in the 1967 film Deadlier Than the Male.

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