Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Announcement!

Drum roll, please....!


After exactly three years to the day, 1,500 posts, more than 170 tags/labels, 17,000 pictures (that's 1 full GB!), and over 6½ million hits, it's time to move on to HCB2. The fun continues here!

HCB1 will stay online. You'll continue to be able to search through the over 170 labels for the model or the attributes that you're interested in. If you see someone you like at HBC2, be sure to check back here. There's a good chance you'll find more of what you like already posted on HCB1.

Thanks for all the support! This has had a reach far wider than I ever imagined when I started this little blog  three years ago.

Join as followers, and seriously, please keep the comments coming. They let me know you're out there and enjoying yourselves. 


(The three men above: Ken Clark, Dallas Taylor, and Tom Wolfe)
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