Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Q is for Spence Quest

After a few years in front of the camera, Spencer took to the stage in the Off-Broadway production of Naked Boys Singing.


  1. Wow. This dude brings a new definition to the term "he aged well." He almost looks better now!!

  2. The alpha list is great, but I think you missed an opportunity to add Jeff Quinn (b. 1957) here. He worked for Catalina, Falcon and Huge in the mid-80's and was featured in a Playgirl spread (as Rhett Routley). He was an apparently natural blond, compact but muscular, handsome and had some chest hair. Hottest scene -- in a subway car from Matt Sterling's Inch by Inch.

  3. I thought of Jeff Quinn, but the only pics I could find of him were smooth-chested. Alas.


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