Friday, April 29, 2011

Prince William - A Royal HCB

The man of the hour!


  1. I wouldn't call him hairy--but I'd certainly call him hot, in his own kind of way.

    His poor father--Prince Charles! I don't think anyone ever thought of him as hot--but I remember seeing a photo of him shirtless--and believe me--it would change your mind. [And yes! He was hairy!]

  2. I think the prince is royally hot and hairy enough for me. I would love to see the pride of England. His uncut big ben. MMMM

    1. The "Pride of England" was photographed as his Royal Highness was pissing near a fence a few years ago. Just do a search on the web for the item you seek along with his name. It's rather substantial.

  3. I totally agree. I would love to see his magesties uncut cock, i'd love to lick his hairy arm pits and sexxy chest and then suck his big dick untill he unloads his royal jewels. Oh god am I hot. Would love to see alot more of this hot prince.

  4. How could you have missed Willy's WILLY that was photographed and put up on the Internet?

    He was taking a leak when some Stalkerazzi used their camera from a distance to get several shots. Just Google it.


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