Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ben Cohen: My New Hero

British rugby star Ben Cohen (b. 1978) has recently retired and is devoting his life to fighting homophobia and bullying. I was just in Washington DC and picked up this copy of Metro Weekly. Read the interview with Ben here.

Visit him on Facebook, "like" him (duh!) and tell him thanks!

Ben Cohen on Facebook
Ben Cohen's Official Website
Ben Cohen Acceptance
Ben Cohen's StandUp Foundation


  1. Gentle Ben's perfect in every way.
    He'd be exquisite if he was gay.

  2. Strong as an ox, sweet as honey, handsome as a Greek god, and as hairy as you could want. Perfect combination.

  3. I'd marry him in a heart beat. I can cook and sew, and have a substantial dowry. He is beautiful. Who could not love such a wonderful man?


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