Saturday, May 21, 2011

Steve Wright

Here's the delicious Steve Wright with Leigh Erickson in In Your Wildest Dreams (1987). Thanks for the help ID'ing this, guys!


  1. I think this is from Night Flight.

  2. No, it's from Tyger Tales

  3. Steve Wright - In Your Wildest Dreams
    A Falcon film

  4. Thats Steve fucking Leigh Erickson in SPRING TRAINING or SPRING BREAK. It also stars Jeff Converse....

  5. Steve & Leigh Erickson in In Your Wildest Dreams Falcon FVP052

  6. Thanks for these! Steve Wright was always one of my favorites and I've never understood why a guy so incredibly hot didn't do more and isn't better remembered. He also worked under the name Doug McCall.
    I've collected every pic I've ever found of him, and placed them in this gallery so that you can grab them and add them to your wonderful site, if you choose to.
    All best!


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