Monday, June 18, 2012

Steve Wright


  1. I don't remember Steve Wright, but I will now. He is very very memorable- one hot hunk!

  2. First, is it really "Davd" in MN, or should that be David?
    Either way, I'd like to thank you three times.
    First, for the Saturday, May 21, 2011 pics of Steve giving it to lucky Leigh Erickson. I didn't have some of those, and even if I had, I'm always delighted to be reminded of this staggeringly great looking young man.
    Second, for using my contributions (I was only too glad!) and acknowledging me in your follow-up post last Saturday. For the record, you forgot one pic (of Steve with Mike Henson and Kevin Wiles), or perhaps you didn't want it, which is fine, of course. It's here:

    But third and above all, a giant THANK YOU for these most recent pics... WOW. As I said before, finding shots of this guy has always been a challenge for some reason. He's so gorgeous that I would think he'd have been all over the web years ago, but for whatever reason he's one of those stud pups who always manages to slip through the cracks. So this is a real bonanza!
    I also mentioned that Steve Wright sometimes used the name Doug McCall, and I should point out that while I've heard that time and again, I've never seen him billed as such.
    But a rose by any name would smell as sweet. That perfect baby face! That cleft in his chin, and that jaw line... his perfect cock and perfect balls, but perhaps above all that stunning chest. And what shoulders!
    Did I mention that I like him?
    Thanks again.


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