Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Update: Men's Synchronized 3m Springboard Finals

Troy Dumais - this is his fourth Olympics 
Twitter: @Troy_Dumais

Kristian Ipsen 
Twitter: @kristianipsen

Kristian and Troy's first dive

Our first view of Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie. Oh, I've had a crush on him since the Beijing Games. Only six weeks ago, he hit his head on the board during a practice dive, ripped a wide gash into his scalp, and had to be dragged semi-conscious out of the pool. So even his being here to compete is a feat to be proud of. He and his partner came in 6th.
Twitter: @ADespatie


Analysis of Kristian and Troy's dive

Pleased with their fourth round dive!

Preparing for their final dive

Making sure everything in its correct place

Watching the competition's final dive

Waiting for the results... will they medal?

BRONZE! Troy's first medal in his last Olympics!

Hugs from Team USA

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