Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celeb Sunday: Ken Clark

American actor Ken Clark (1927-2009)

It's a pity he did so few of the shots like those above instead of movies like 1959's Attack of the Giant Leeches. Wow... writing, directing, acting... all dreadful. At least Ken has the decency to appear shirtless in a couple scenes.

Um... this one deserved a closeup.

Wait... I need to see that one again.

Stay tuned for next week's installment of Celeb Sunday for the conclusion of this gripping drama!


  1. Ken Clark was amazing. Tall, blond, muscular, and a big dick. He evidently chose not to wear underwear in two movies I have seen, the big budget musical "South Pacific" and "Attack of the Giant Leeches". As Stewpot in SP, his tight jeans show the long bulge of his cock. In Leeches you can see the bulge in his uniform pants. He knew what he was doing. I wonder how many holes he was stretching during those years? If you could post some photos or video from South Pacific it would be nice for the Ken collection.

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  3. South Pacific shots are here:

  4. He was hot alright but fast forward to when he and the fellow diver set Ken up with the harpoon in Attach of the giant leeches. Both are wearing loose fitting speedos and his diving mate opens his legs to hand him the harpoon and his cock falls out. Amazing! and after the dive his girlfriend holds shirtless ken close and plays with the fur on his abdomen over and over lol

  5. "writing, directing, acting... all dreadful"
    You are missing the charm of this much-loved B-picture.
    And don't forget the frightful, gothic fate of actress Yvette Vickers, whose body lay undiscovered in her Hollywood Hills home for a full year before someone noticed her absence.

  6. I never noticed that Ken's diving companion had a dick slip. I much get the dvd out and watch it again. There are numerous 'ken's bulge' occasions in this film. You just need to atch very carefully. Certainly a gorgeous looking man


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