Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celeb Sunday: Ken Clark

The conclusion of last Sunday's post.


  1. Can you tell me if you have any photos/information on on this guy. I happened across his photo online, but was in a hurry when I downloaded it. When I backtracked I came to a dead end, the woman who posted it just used it to illustrate a character in a book she was reading (gotta read that book...)

    Looks like a model or a surfer, but I can't find anything. Here's the link where I put his photos.

    I figure you've seen a ton of blond hairy-chested guys and maybe he will ring a bell. I've gone through a lot of pix here, but there are so many and it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    This guy Ken Clark, I remember him from South Pacific. I always thought he was hot (even though he played kind of a dim bulb lol)

    1. I'd be happy to look, but the link didn't work.

    2. A hairy blond surfer... it could be Laird Hamilton.


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